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Trouble Tickets

Complete the following Trouble Tickets in order. Use the tools from this and the preceding chapters to analyze, test, and document as you go. Feel free to create your own Physical Layer problems if you need more practice there. Sample solutions are provided after this section.

Trouble Ticket 1

Quickly review your existing configurations and copy them to a TFTP server as r1-rip2, r2-rip2, r3-rip2, r4-rip2, and r5-rip2 so that you can use them again later.

Trouble Ticket 2

Draw a new Chapter 3 scenario diagram and label the address ranges and interfaces per your calculations in Figure 3-27. Leave the links to r4 and r5 numbered as they are.

Trouble Ticket 3

Re-address the network using your new diagram. Remove RIP and save your configurations.

Trouble Ticket 4

Change the routing protocol from RIP to EIGRP using an AS number of choice. Verify routing processes, protocols, and that you have the correct information in each routing table. Disconnect and reconnect the r1s1 cable and experiment a bit.

Trouble Ticket 5

Ping and trace from hosta to hostc and capture the results. Save all configurations and verify everything before you continue. Quickly review your configurations and copy them to a TFTP server as r1-eigrp, r2-eigrp, r3-eigrp, r4-eigrp, and r5-eigrp so that you can use them again later.

Trouble Ticket 6 (Optional)

Set up an access list to allow only hosta to telnet to r1. The other hosts should not be able to telnet, but should be able to ping or trace. Apply and test the ACL. Leave the ACL configuration, but remove the application of it from the interface after you verify that it works.

Trouble Ticket 7 (Optional)

Set up one of your clients for DHCP to capture and analyze the Discover, Offers, Request, and Acknowledgement frames.


Trouble Tickets 6 and 7 are optional bonus exercises because there will be plenty of opportunity to perform similar tests later in the book. Trouble Tickets 6 and 7 are for you to work through on your own and do not have a solution provided.

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