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Amena Jamali

Amena Jamali is a person with multiple facets. With her rational mind, she is a cybersecurity auditor and an aspiring scholar in the field of disinformation research and cyber psychology. With her creative mind, she is an epic fantasy author with four books published so far in the Lord of Freedom series and many more coming. Her pursuit of truth has been shaped by an eclectic mixture of education: a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from the University of Dallas, which is located in her home state of Texas. In various forums, she speaks and writes about political philosophy, information ethics, governance, risk, compliance, and data privacy, and she is equally passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and about the representation of powerful women in literature. A firm believer in the supportive power of community, Amena is an active member of and leader in the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu and has in 2023 won that organization's Cyber Rising Star Award. When she is not working, writing, or theorizing, she reads, learns languages, watches superhero movies, embroiders, and bakes delicious pies.