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BGP Summary

The characteristics of BGP follow:

  • BGP is an exterior gateway protocol (EGP) used in routing in the Internet. It is an interdomain routing protocol.
  • BGP is a path vector routing protocol suited for strategic routing policies.
  • BGP uses TCP Port 179 to establish connections with neighbors.
  • BGPv4 implements CIDR.
  • eBGP is for external neighbors. It's used between separate autonomous systems.
  • iBGP is for internal neighbors. It's used within an AS.
  • BGP uses several attributes in the routing-decision algorithm.
  • BGP uses confederations and route reflectors to reduce BGP peering overhead.
  • The MED (metric) attribute is used between autonomous systems to influence inbound traffic.
  • Weight is used to influence the path of outbound traffic from a single router, configured locally.
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