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Chapter Summary

In this chapter, we've examined how to implement, manage, and troubleshoot DHCP in Windows Server 2003. Some points of interest to take away from this chapter include the following:

  • Windows Server 2003 DHCP supports three types of scopes: standard scopes, supers-copes, and multicast scopes. A superscope is a grouping of one or more standard DHCP scopes, whereas a multicast scope is used for special Class D IP addresses for multicasting to clients.
  • DHCP servers must be authorized in Active Directory to service clients. Windows Server 2003 DHCP servers that have not been authorized cannot offer leases to DHCP clients.
  • DHCP can be integrated with DNS to provide dynamic updating of DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients. This keeps the DNS database accurate and up-to-date as DHCP assigns leases to client computers.
  • You can perform monitoring and troubleshooting on a DHCP server by using the DHCP counters in the Performance console.
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