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Introducing Bill Roberts, Your Test Partner

As you read through the book, you will see in many chapters a special element on your "test partner," who we’ve named Bill Roberts. The purpose of this element is to present you with a realistic (albeit fictitious) test-taker, who more than likely shares many of your concerns about taking the test. You can reflect on Bill’s experiences as potential examples of what you might be feeling/experiencing as you prepare for the test, and—ideally—draw positive reinforcement from how Bill deals with these concerns. The point of this special element is not to say you have to feel/react the exact same way as Bill does, but rather to give you a real world example of how someone might actually address typical concerns in both preparing for and taking the test. So, moving forward, look to this special element as a great way to review the specific information presented, and as an illustration of how you can practically synthesize the specific chapter’s information to best prepare for the test.

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