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OpenBoot PROM Versions

Before you can run Solaris 10, your version of OpenBoot must meet the minimum firmware level for your system.

Sun Ultra systems must have PROM version 3.25.xx or later to use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) network boot, and must be aware of milestones that are used by the Service Management Facility in Solaris 10 and described later in this chapter. For examples in this book, I’m using OpenBoot version 3.31.

On Sun Ultra systems, you can install an updated version of the PROM’s firmware to keep your PROM (and your version of OpenBoot) up-to-date. Updating your PROM is not covered on the exam, but if you would like more information on performing this procedure, visit http://sunsolve.sun.com and search the Sunsolve knowledgebase using the keywords flash prom.

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