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Outside the scope of the BCMSN course, the following notes along with the study tips in the previous section summarize the chapter:

  • CEF-based MLS is a forwarding model implemented on the latest generation of Cisco multilayer switches. CEF-based MLS is topology based; the control-plane and data-plane are separate. The control-plane downloads the routing table information to the data-plane for hardware switching. CEF-based MLS scales to large networks and is not limited on the number of traffic flows.
  • CEF-based MLS uses either centralized switching or distributed switching. Distributed switching provides higher performance over centralized switching.
  • Switches use TCAM and other hardware-switching components not only for IP CEF but also for applying QoS and access lists to packets routed and switched using hardware switching.
  • Cisco multilayer switches that support CEF-based MLS use CEF-based MLS by default.
  • CEF-based MLS supports statistics via show commands with specific limitation.
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