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Review Questions

Answer the following questions to test your comprehension of the topics discussed in this chapter. Refer to Appendix A, "Answers to Review Questions," to check your answers.

  1. List at least three requirements for high availability.

  2. List at least three requirements or techniques to achieve high network availability.

  3. Name at least one benefit of fault tolerance.

  4. What is the major drawback of achieving high availability solely through device-level fault tolerance?

  5. What is RPR?

  6. Name at least two Layer 3 redundancy features offered by Cisco IOS Software.

  7. What is MST?

  8. Name at least one of the software features recommended by Cisco Systems to achieve high availability.

  9. Name at least two essential points that must be considered about the carrier network with regards to high availability.

  10. What are the five steps of the process recommended by Cisco as best practices for high availability?

  11. Name at least two problems that must be eliminated to achieve 99.99-percent availability.

  12. Name at least two problems that must be eliminated to achieve 99.999-percent availability?

  13. List at least two of the guidelines for server farm high availability.

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