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Memory Retention

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Exam Prep Questions

You have been dispatched to the scene of a reported armed robbery in progress at the Creative Carets Jewelry Store at 325 West Main. For five minutes, study the drawing of area as it appears on your arrival. After five minutes, set the drawing aside and answer the following questions.

Crime scenario.

  1. Upon your arrival at the scene, the perpetrator has already left the store. When canvassing the area for witnesses, from which office locations with windows would somebody most likely have seen the perpetrator leaving the area?

    1. Northeast floors above city bank

    2. Northwest floors above Creative Carats jewelry store

    3. Northwest floors above Smith and Smith Law Offices

    4. Northwest floors above City Bank

  2. To what address were you dispatched?

    1. 325 West Main

    2. 335 West Main

    3. 325 East Main

    4. 325 North 43rd Avenue

  3. What vehicle is observed pulling out into traffic on North 43rd Avenue?

    1. Four-door sedan

    2. Pickup truck with cab

    3. Two-door sedan

    4. Pickup truck

  4. Which business is directly to the west of Creative Carats Jewelry Store?

    1. Caroline's Café

    2. Johnson's Furniture Store

    3. City Bank

    4. Smith and Smith Law Offices

    For five minutes, study the four wanted posters. Be sure to pay attention to both the mug shot drawings and the additional information that accompanies the posters.

    Wanted poster 9.

    Wanted – Escaped Prisoner

    Name: Greg Fox

    Age: 24

    Height: 6'3"

    Eyes: Blue

    Scars: Appendectomy scar

    Race: White

    Weight: 215

    Hair: Blonde, curly

    Facial hair: None

    Tattoos: Numerous prison tattoos, including L-O-V-E on the fingers of his left hand and H-A-T-E on the fingers of his right hand.

    Subject, who was serving a 15–20 year sentence for armed robbery, is considered likely to be armed and dangerous. Subject was known to let his hair grow for almost a year prior to his escape, so it is likely he's altered his appearance by cutting his hair; upon his arrest two years ago, he had a buzz cut.

    Wanted poster 10.

    Wanted – Escaped Prisoner

    Name: Rupert "Mad Dog" Hinckley

    Age: 29

    Height: 5'9"

    Eyes: Brown

    Scars: Surgical scar, bullet removed from right shoulder

    Race: White

    Weight: 165

    Hair: Light brown

    Facial hair: None

    Tattoos: A snake coiled around (and above) each bicep

    Subject was serving a 3–5 year sentence for possession of drugs with intent to sell and possession of stolen property. He is a chronic drug user, and known to abuse prescription painkillers. Subject also has a partial plate for his two missing front teeth.

    Wanted poster 11.

    Wanted – Escaped Prisoner

    Name: Jonathon Bentley Radcliff

    Age: 46

    Height: 6'2"

    Eyes: Hazel

    Scars: None

    Race: White

    Weight: 180

    Hair: Brown

    Facial hair: None

    Tattoos: None

    Subject was serving a 5–10 year sentence for embezzlement. Subject is also known to have numerous international contacts, and might attempt to flee the country.

    Wanted poster 12.

    Wanted – Escaped Prisoner

    Name: Jackson Williams

    Age: 56

    Height: 6'

    Eyes: Green

    Scars: None

    Race: White

    Weight: 220

    Hair: Gray

    Facial hair: None

    Tattoos: None

    Subject, who was serving a 20-year to life sentence for serial rape, is an alcoholic. Subject dresses well, and has been known to loiter in hotel bars and at community meetings in search of victims.

    After five minutes, set the posters aside and answer the following questions:

  5. Which subject has snake tattoos?

  6. Which subject is known to loiter in hotel bars?

  7. Which subject has prison tattoos?

  8. Which subject is suspected of possibly attempting to leave the country?

  9. You are to serve a search warrant at a residence located at 7653 Briarwoods Road. Study the picture of the house and floor plan drawings for five minutes.


    Cambridge floor plan.

    Set aside the drawings and answer the following questions, choosing all correct answers that apply:

  10. The house has stairways leading to the following:

    1. The basement

    2. The second floor

    3. The unfinished third floor

    4. The garage attic

  11. What is the address of the home to which you are to serve the search warrant?

    1. 2347 Naomi Street

    2. 7653 Briarwoods Road

    3. 7653 Naomi Street

    4. 2347 Briarwoods Road

  12. The garage is at which end of the house?

    1. North

    2. South

    3. East

    4. West

  13. How many bathrooms are in this house?

    1. 2

    2. 3

    3. 2 1/2

    4. 3 1/2

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