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Foundation Summary

Table 6-11 provides a quick reference to the commands needed to configure the Cisco PIX Firewall, time server and NTP support, and the DNS server.

Table 6-11 Command Reference




Specifies to activate a process, mode, or privilege level.


Identifies the speed and duplex settings of the network interface boards.


Lets you name interfaces and assign security levels.

ip address

Identifies addresses for network interfaces and lets you set how many times the PIX Firewall polls for DHCP information.


Lets you associate a network with a pool of global IP addresses.


Defines a pool of global addresses. The global addresses in the pool provide an IP address for each outbound connection and for inbound connections resulting from outbound connections. Ensure that associated nat and global command statements have the same nat_id.


Used to enter a default or static route for an interface.

write terminal

Displays the current configuration on the terminal.


Enables IP routing table updates from received RIP broadcasts.


Controls the DHCP server feature.

ntp server

Synchronizes the PIX Firewall with the network time server that is specified and authenticates according to the authentication options that are set.


Lets you specify the time, month, day, and year for use with time-stamped syslog messages.

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