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The CIW Security Professional Exam

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ProsoftTraining offers the CIW program, which includes associate-, professional-, and master-level certifications. Its top-level credentials include a Master CIW Administrator, which requires passing a Certified Security Professional exam. This is an outstanding and relatively inexpensive entry-level test for those who wish to assess their interest in security certification, even though it's Web- and Internet-focused. The CIW Security Professional exam touches on most important security topics, including Internet security issues, operating system security issues and answers, along with standard security policies, practices, and procedures. As such, it's a great way for IT professionals to get their feet wet in this exciting technical field.
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Like this article? We recommend

The CIW Security Professional exam is part of a multifaceted Web certification program aimed at Web developers, designers, and administrators. We won't cover the entire program in this article, which concentrates primarily on the single security exam; however, it's important to understand this exam in the context of a larger Web-oriented certification. Unlike other credentials that we've covered in this series of stories on security certification, this exam leads only to an entry-level credential, CIW Professional, if a candidate takes a single prerequisite exam, the CIW Foundations (1D0-410) exam, before attempting the CIW Security Professional (1D0-470) exam. Please note also that for individuals who pass this exam, and who also hold MCSE, CNE, or other similar certification, a special designation as a CIW Security Analyst is also available (please see ciwcertified.com/csa/default.asp?comm=home&llm=3 for more information).

The proper name for the company that stands behind the Certified Internet Webmaster training program is ProsoftTraining.com. We shorten this to Prosoft throughout the rest of this article, partly at the company's request. If you try to visit Prosoft's Web site, look up the company online, or research any of its products or services, look to the Prosoft home page. Likewise, you can find everything you need to know about the CIW program online as well.

Prosoft offers six named certifications under the CIW program's umbrella, including an entry-level CIW Associate certification, an intermediate CIW Professional certification, and four master-level certifications. Because we're covering only one of the exams in this story, we suggest that you investigate the entire program further at www.ciwcertified.com if you are interested in any of these certifications.

Certification Capsules

You can’t take the CIW Security Professional exam without meeting CIW foundation requirements. Because it's necessary to take the CIW Foundations exam before taking the CIW Security Professional exam, I not only cover these two exams briefly in the sections that follow, but I also cover the certifications that individuals who pass these exams thereby attain.

CIW Associate

The CIW Foundations (1D0-410) exam is not only a prerequisite for all other CIW exams: It also leads to an entry-level CIW certification—the CIW Associate certification. Candidates retain this certification until they take and pass any other CIW exam, at which point they advance into the CIW Professional designation, covered in the next section.

Passing the CompTIA i-Net+ (IK0-001) is acceptable in place of passing the Foundations exam. Therefore, it's safe to assume that the Foundations exam covers Internet basics (in fact, Foundations provided much of the basis upon which the i-Net+ exam was based). Those who want classroom or online training to help them prepare for the Foundations exam are advised to take three classes to help them get ready:

CIW Professional

To earn the CIW Professional certification, a candidate must pass the CIW Foundations (1D0-410) exam and any CIW series exam, such as the exam we cover in this article: the CIW Security Professional (1D0-470) exam. Students retain their CIW Professional designation until they pass all required exams for any of the Master CIW certifications.

The CIW Professional designation is commonly a step on the way to becoming a Master CIW Administrator, a Master CIW Enterprise Developer, a Master CIW Designer, or a Master CIW Web Site Manager. Please note that the CIW Security Professional exam is one of three exams above and beyond Foundations that individuals must pass to become certified as a Master CIW Administrator.

For those seeking to pass the Security Professional exam, Prosoft recommends that candidates take three classes:

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