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Cram Quiz

Answer these questions. The answers follow the last question. If you cannot answer these questions correctly, consider reading this section again until you can.

1. Which of the following is not a mobile device?

  • circ.jpg A. Tablet

  • circ.jpg B. Smartphone

  • circ.jpg C. Desktop PC

  • circ.jpg D. E-reader

2. Which type of memory do most mobile devices store long-term data to?

  • circ.jpg A. LPDDR4

  • circ.jpg B. SATA magnetic disk

  • circ.jpg C. SATA SSD

  • circ.jpg D. Solid-state flash memory

3. You have been tasked with connecting a wireless earpiece to a smartphone. Which technology would you most likely use?

  • circ.jpg A. Wi-Fi

  • circ.jpg B. NFC

  • circ.jpg C. 3.5 mm

  • circ.jpg D. Bluetooth

4. You have been tasked with setting up a device for a salesperson’s vehicle. It should be able to display maps and give directions to the person while driving. Which of the following devices would perform these tasks? (Select the two best answers.)

  • circ.jpg A. GPS

  • circ.jpg B. Smart camera

  • circ.jpg C. Smartphone

  • circ.jpg D. E-reader

  • circ.jpg E. VR headset

Cram Quiz Answers

  • 1. C. The desktop PC is not a mobile device. It is a stationary computer that is meant to stay at a person’s desk. Tablets, smartphones, and e-readers are all examples of mobile devices.

  • 2. D. Most mobile devices store their long-term data to solid-state flash memory. They do not use SATA as the method of connectivity. LPDDR4 is a common type of RAM used in mobile devices for short-term storage.

  • 3. D. When connecting an earpiece (those little cricket-looking devices) to a smartphone, you would most likely use Bluetooth—just remember that most of them have a 30-foot range (10 meters). Wi-Fi is less likely to be used; it is more likely to be used to connect the smartphone to the LAN and ultimately to the Internet. NFC (discussed in the next section) is used to transmit data between mobile devices in close proximity to each other. 3.5 mm refers to the audio port on a mobile device. It is quite possible that a user will utilize a wired headset, but the question focuses on wireless.

  • 4. A and C. A standalone GPS device or a smartphone (equipped with a GPS app) would do the job here. Both can display maps and give directions to a person while driving. The other devices are not designed to function in this manner.

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