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A+ Certified at Twelve: A Study Success Story

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Learn how Canadian teenager Garrett Hillyard became CompTIA A+ certified at the age of twelve with encouragement from his parents and community, and learning materials from Pearson IT Certification.
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From a very early age, Garrett Hillyard from Brockville, Ontario, Canada has had an interest in computers. When only four years old, he received his first laptop (a Toshiba Satellite with Windows XP), and mostly used it for educational gaming. He then began to develop keyboard, mouse, and navigating skills that would lead him down a very technical path.

When Garrett was 11 and still so interested in technology, his father went to the local computer repair/sales stores and came home with nearly 30 used computers. The computer store owners were quite encouraging, knowing the hardware was being used to help a youth learn the literal ins and outs of the machines.

"It was really fun setting up the computers in his bedroom," said Pamela Hillyard, Garrett's mother. "It became the PC test center for Garrett's hands-on learning, and as you can imagine the constant removing of components, rebuilding systems, learning hardware compatibility issues, installing operating systems, troubleshooting, etc. was endless."

The pursuit was on, and when his father asked if he'd like to become an A+ Certified Technician, via CompTIA, Garrett enthusiastically answered, "I'll do it!"

Garrett stayed focused, worked extremely hard, and prepared using CompTIA A+ Exam Cram (220-801 and 220-802) by David L. Prowse, as well as the enclosed CD material, website, videos, additional books, and bonus questions. Within a year of studying, Garrett passed the both the 801 and 802 CompTIA exams on his first attempt, and became A+ certified at age 12.

"It didn't come easy, and required a great deal of perseverance. The A+ Certification material is intense for any age! We are quite proud of his accomplishment," said Garrett's parents.

Garrett's plans are to continue working in IT with his Dad, and he is looking forward to a prosperous future. His additional interests include playing football, truck mechanics, biking, and bagpiping -- which, by the way, he has been doing since age 6. Watch for great things to come from Mr. Hillyard.

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