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Table 4-19 ATM LANE Components

ATM LANE Components


LANE Client (LEC)

There is a LEC for each member of the ELAN. LECs implement LE-ARP address resolution and emulate a LAN for higher-level protocols. LEC builds a table to map MAC addresses to ATM addresses. Each LEC has an ATM address. LECs can be a computer station, switch, or router.

LANE Server (LES)

The LES is the central resource for the ELAN. It provides management of all stations in the ELAN by providing address registration and resolution and handling LE-ARP requests.

LANE Configuration Server (LECS)

A LEC consults the LECS when first joining the ELAN. The LECS provides the ATM address of the LES to the LEC.

Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS)

The BUS handles all broadcast, multicast packets, and unicasts sent to unknown destinations. Because broadcasts do not exist in ATM, the BUS processes the broadcasts to create virtual circuits to all stations in the ELAN. The LES and BUS functions are commonly implemented in the same device.

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