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Transparent Bridge Functions

Transparent bridges have three primary functions:

  • To learn the MAC addresses of all nodes and their associated port

  • To filter incoming frames whose destination MAC addresses are located on the same incoming port

  • To forward incoming frames to the destination MAC through their associated port@

Table 4-16 WLAN Modes



Basic Service Set (BSS)

Also known as Infrastructure mode; there is one Access Point.

Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS)

Also known as Ad-hoc mode; there is no Access Point.

Extended Service Set

There is more than one Access Point.

Table 4-17 Transparent Bridge Modes

Bridge Mode



Stores the entire frame and verifies the CRC before forwarding the frame. If a CRC error is detected, the frame is discarded.


Forwards the frame just after it reads the destination MAC address without performing a CRC check.

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