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Review Questions

  1. Which component can be located both on a video card and on a motherboard?

    [ chipset | PS/2 port | PCI expansion slot | GPU ]

  2. Which expansion slot is best for a video card in a desktop computer?

    [ PCI-X | PCIe | PCI | ExpressCard/54 | AGP ]

  3. A motherboard has a PCIe x16 expansion slot. Which PCIe adapter(s) will fit in this slot? (Select any that apply.) [ x1 | x2 | x4 | x8 | x16 | x32 ]

  4. Match the motherboard part with its associated description.

    ____ L1 cache

    a. Mounted on top of the CPU

    ____ CPU

    b. Memory found in the CPU

    ____ FSB

    c. Executes software instructions

    ____ heat sink

    d. Bus between the CPU and motherboard components

    ____ HT

    e. Slowing of CPU to cool

    ____ throttle

    f. Allows one processor to handle multiple instructions simultaneously

  5. What is the front side bus?

    1. The internal data bus that connects the processor core to the L1 cache

    2. The internal data bus that connects the processor core to the L2 cache

    3. The external data bus that connects the processor to the motherboard components

    4. The external data bus that connects the processor to the L2 cache

  6. A customer wants to upgrade the L2 cache. Which of the following does this definitely require?

    1. A motherboard purchase

    2. A CPU purchase

    3. A ROM module purchase

    4. A RAM module purchase

  7. Match the expansion slot to its definition.

    ____ PCI-X

    a. 32- or 64-bit parallel bus

    ____ AGP

    b. Parallel bus with speeds over 4GB/s

    ____ PCI

    c. Just for video cards

    ____ PCIe

    d. Has a varying number of lanes

  8. What is the difference between hyper-threading and HyperTransport?

  9. __________________________________________________________________________

  10. __________________________________________________________________________

  11. __________________________________________________________________________

  12. Which of the following is a function of a chipset? (Select all that apply.)

    1. Process instructions obtained from RAM

    2. Setting the maximum number of USB 3.0 ports allowed on a motherboard

    3. Coordinating between the CPU and motherboard components

    4. Temporarily holding documents and instructions

    5. Providing permanent storage

    6. Prioritizing threads being queued for processing by the CPU

  13. Which of the following statements is true regarding PCIe?

    1. A PCIe slot will not accept a PCI card.

    2. PCIe is a parallel bus technology.

    3. PCIe is a 32- or 64-bit bus technology.

    4. PCIe is being replaced by PCI-X.

  14. [ T | F ] An x8 PCIe adapter always transmits using eight lanes.

  15. What is the significance of a motherboard specification that states the following: 1 PCIe x16 (x8 mode) slot?

    1. The slot accepts x8 or x16 cards.

    2. The slot can transmit traffic using 8 or 16 lanes.

    3. The slot can transmit in bursts of 8 or 16 bytes at a time.

    4. The slot accepts x16 cards but uses only 8 lanes.

  16. What determines whether a motherboard can use a specific model of RAM, such as DDR3 or DDR4? [CPU | chipset | PCIe standard | processor speed]

  17. A technician for a college is going to repair a problem in another building. A professor stops the technician to talk about her slow computer. The technician gives a little eye roll, but then stops and listens to the teacher. The teacher comments, “I can’t get my email or even type my tests. The computer takes at least 20 minutes just to boot.” As the technician looks around a little exasperated, he says “Uh huh.” “I logged this problem over a week ago,” continues the professor, “and no one has dropped by.” “Uh huh,” replies the technician again. “Do you know when you folks might get to that issue or have an idea about what might be the problem?” the professor asks. The technician looks at the professor and says, “It is probably a virus that has been going around. Jim was supposed to get to those. We will get to you as soon as we can.” The technician’s phone rings, and he walks away to get to the phone.

    List three active listening techniques and good customer support procedures that could improve this situation.





  18. Explain how a technician might be culturally insensitive.



    Which component deals with threads? [ heat sink | CPU | expansion slot | chipset ]


  19. [ T | F ] When installing a CPU, orient pin 1 to pin 1 on the socket and align the other pins. Lower the ZIF socket lever and lock. Power on the computer to ensure that the CPU works. Power down the computer and install the heat sink and/or fan.

  20. What is applied between a processor and a heat sink to increase heat dissipation?


    What component is affected by the LGA 2011 specification?

    [ RAM | chipset | processor | expansion slot ]

  21. Which method is not used to cool a processor?

    1. CPU fan

    2. Case fan

    3. Heat tube

    4. Thermal tank

    5. Heat sink

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