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Installing a Processor

Processors are sold with installation instructions. Also, motherboard manuals (documentation) include the steps to upgrade or install the CPU. The following are the general steps for installing a processor:


Proper processor for the motherboard (refer to motherboard documentation) Anti-static materials

  • Step 1. Ensure that power to the computer is off and the computer is unplugged.

  • Step 2. Place an anti-static wrist strap around your wrist and attach the other end to a ground or unpainted metal part of the computer. Otherwise, use an anti-static glove.

  • Step 3. Push the retention lever down and outward to release the CPU retention plate. Move the handle backward until the retention plate is fully open. Do not touch the CPU socket.

  • Step 4. Remove the processor from packaging, taking care to hold it by the edges and never touch the bottom metal portion of the processor. Remember that a CPU fits only one way into the socket. Look at the processor and the socket before inserting the chip to ensure proper alignment. A socket and CPU normally have a triangle marking or circular dot that indicates pin 1 as shown in Figure 3.21. The processor also has notches on each side that align with the socket. Do not force! Insert the CPU into the socket by aligning it with the socket and lowering it until it is flush with the socket as shown in Figure 3.22.

    Figure 3.21

    Figure 3.21 Pin 1 and notch on a processor

    Figure 3.22

    Figure 3.22 Installing a CPU

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