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Repairing a Syskey-Updated System

When Syskey is first run, the SYSTEM (the PEK is stored here) and SAM Registry hives are modified. System files (WINLOGON.EXE, SAMSRV.DLL, and SAMLIB.DLL) are modified to accommodate Syskey when the service pack is applied. Should you need to recover the system after the using Syskey, you will need to use appropriate repair procedures. If you have made ERD disks as advised earlier, it is possible to repair the system to one of the following choices:

  • Pre-Syskey

  • Post-Syskey

Following the normal repair procedures and using the appropriate disk will put the system back to the required state. If you must do a system reinstall and then recover the Registry, make sure to install the service pack (to update the System files) before recovering the Registry. In either case, note that the two hives, SAM and SYSTEM, must be updated at the same time.

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