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Modifying Syskey Storage

Although you cannot remove Syskey after it has been installed, you can modify the location of the stored key. The original keys must be available. That is, unless the previous Syskey installation stored the Syskey in the Registry, you will need either the floppy disk–stored Syskey or knowledge of the passphrase used to protect the system-stored encrypted PEK. To change the manner of storing the Syskey, see Step by Step 2.

STEP BY STEP 2 Using the Delegation of Control Wizard

  1. Enter the Syskey command at a command prompt.

  2. Select Update (see Figure 2).

  3. Select the new method by clicking the radio button.

  4. If necessary, provide the Syskey floppy disk or the passphrase.

  5. Click OK. A Success window will appear (see Figure 3).

    Figure 2 Update the Syskey location.

    Figure 3 Modify the Syskey location.

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