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Chapter Summary

Responsibilities relating to workforce planning and employment provide HR professionals with the opportunity to have a lasting impact on the organization. Whether this impact is positive, however, depends in large part on the way in which HR professionals execute these responsibilities.

To function successfully with respect to the functional area of workforce planning and employment, HR professionals must develop an understanding of and an appreciation for equal employment opportunity (EEO).

It’s also critical for HR professionals to understand the many laws and cases that shape this functional area and to commit to maintaining currency with respect to emerging cases that offer additional interpretation, and reinterpretation, of these laws. In addition, HR professionals must be prepared to contribute meaningfully to ensuring that the organization will be able to meet its future goals by making sure the right people, with the right skills, are in the right places at the right times.

The ability to execute this functional area effectively is also predicated on knowing and understanding the organization’s strategic plan. HR professionals who have already earned a “seat at the table” in their organization are likely to have a good grasp of where the organization is going. HR professionals must proactively seek opportunities for learning about the organization’s long-term objectives. Unless we do, our efforts may be less productive, less relevant, less valued, and less impactful.

Ultimately, the choice of how we will perform in this area rests with us. The choices that we make will go a long way toward defining how we are perceived by the organization, our overall effectiveness in the organization, and the degree to which we will participate in a transformational manner within the organization.

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