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Review Questions

  1. What is a unit?
  2. Which command enables you to make sure that a target is no longer eligible for automatic start on system boot?
  3. Which configuration file should you modify to apply common changes to GRUB 2?
  4. Which command should you use to show all service units that are currently loaded?
  5. How do you create a want for a service?
  6. How do you switch the current operational target to the rescue target?
  7. Why can it happen that you get the message that a target cannot be isolated?
  8. You want to shut down a systemd service, but before doing that you want to know which other units have dependencies to this service. Which command would you use?
  9. What is the name of the GRUB 2 configuration file where you apply changes to GRUB 2?
  10. After applying changes to the GRUB 2 configuration, which command should you run?
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