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From the author of Trouble Spots

Trouble Spots

In addition to topics covered in the Cisco official ROUTE course, the ROUTE exam blueprint also contains multiple topics covered in your CCNA studies (for example, PPP, SNMP, and Frame Relay). As a result, you might need to go back to your CCNA material to supplement your ROUTE study resources.

A larger challenge is that the ROUTE exam blueprint also contains items that are neither in the Cisco official ROUTE course nor in your CCNA materials (for example, Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding [uRFP] and VRF-Lite).

You can expect multiple simulation-style questions on the exam, where you configure and/or verify routers in a given topology. Therefore, a challenge for some certification candidates is the navigation of the simulation environment. Fortunately, before beginning the exam, you have the option of going through a tutorial that teaches you to navigate through the simulation questions. However, if you are new to Cisco simulation-style questions, you can go through a web-based exam tutorial available here: http://bit.ly/examtutorial

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