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Review Questions

The answers to these review questions are in Appendix A.

  1. Which of the following is designed by VMware to be used as a last resort?

    1. vSphere Client
    2. PowerCLI
    3. vCLI
    4. ESXi Shell
  2. In which of the following locations can you enable ESXi Shell? (Choose two.)

    1. The Administration tab
    2. DCUI
    3. The firewall properties of a host
    4. Security profile
  3. Which of the following logs cannot be retrieved from a DCUI?

    1. Syslog
    2. vCenter
    3. VMkernel
    4. Config
  4. Which of the following is an absolute network requirement to manage an ESXi host remotely?

    1. A VMkernel port configured for vMotion
    2. A separate vSS or vDS for Management
    3. A VMkernel port configured for Management
    4. A VM port group configured for Management
  5. Which type of vNIC driver is a best practice to use whenever possible?

    1. vmxnet3
    2. e1000
    3. vmxnet1
    4. You should never use a vnic driver.
  6. Which of the following is not a possible view of the Storage Views tab of the Windows-based vSphere Client?

    1. Show All Virtual Machines
    2. Show All VMkernel Ports
    3. Show All Clusters
    4. Show All SCSI Adapters
  7. Which of the following path selection policies cannot cause path thrashing?

    1. MRU on an active-passive array
    2. Fixed on an active-active array
    3. All path selection policies can cause path thrashing.
    4. Path thrashing in no longer a concern with any path selection policy.
  8. Which of the following is a requirement for DRS, but not a requirement for HA?

    1. All hosts must have shared datastores.
    2. All hosts must be in the same cluster.
    3. All hosts must share the same processor vendor and family.
    4. All hosts must have access to the same physical networks.
  9. Which of the following is not a requirement for Storage vMotion?

    1. VMs must have compatible CPUs.
    2. The host must have access to both the source and destination datastores.
    3. A minimum of 1 Gbps link.
    4. VMs must be in persistent mode or be RDMs.
  10. What vSphere Web Client tool should you use to get detailed information about the CPU and memory in use on your DRS clusters?

    1. Admission Control
    2. Tasks and Events
    3. Resource Distribution Chart
    4. DRS Panel on Cluster Resources tab of host
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