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Hierarchy Overrides

One really great feature of a vSwitch is the ability to leverage overrides where necessary. You won’t see any override information on the vSwitch itself, but they are available on the VMkernel ports and VM port groups, which are covered next in this chapter. Overrides are simply ways that you can deviate from the vSwitch configuration on a granular level. An override example is shown in Figure 8.10.

Figure 8.10

Figure 8.10 An example override on a failover order

For example, let’s say that you have a pair of adapters being used as uplinks on a vSwitch. Within the vSwitch, you also have two VMkernel ports configured: one for management traffic and another for vMotion traffic. You can use overrides to set specific teaming and failover policies for each of those VMkernel ports. This allows you to separate management and vMotion traffic during steady-state operation, but still allow both to function in the event of a NIC Failure.

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