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This chapter is from the book

Exam Preparation Tasks

As mentioned in the section, “How to Use This Book,” in the Introduction, you have a couple of choices for exam preparation: the exercises here, Chapter 22, “Final Review,” and the exam simulation questions on the CD-ROM.

Review All Key Topics

Review the most important topics in this chapter, noted with the Key Topic icon in the outer margin of the page. Table 7-2 lists a reference of these key topics and the page numbers on which each is found.


Table 7-2 Key Topics for Chapter 7

Key Topic Element


Page Number

Figure 7-2

The effects of transmit power on cell size


Figure 7-4

The effects of data rate on cell size


Figure 7-7

Roaming between BSSs


Figure 7-9

Optimizing channel layout for roaming


Define Key Terms

Define the following key terms from this chapter and check your answers in the glossary:

asymmetric power problem

channel reuse

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