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Exam Objectives

The following information provides general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

Section 1—Explain Cloud Concepts and How They Solve Typical Business Challenges

  • Objective 1.1—Identify and Explain the Concept of Cloud Computing
    • Explain cloud computing concepts
    • Differentiate types of cloud computing services
    • Differentiate types of cloud implementations
    • Identify cloud computing benefits
  • Objective 1.2—Identify Common Business Challenges Addressed by VMware vCloud Solutions
    • Identify common availability challenges
    • Identify common management challenges
    • Identify common elasticity challenges
    • Identify common efficiency challenges

Section 2—Identify, Explain and Differentiate vCloud Technologies

  • Objective 2.1—Identify vSphere Components used in a vCloud Implementation
    • Explain the function of vSphere in a vCloud implementation
    • Identify vSphere components used in a vCloud implementation
  • Objective 2.2—Identify and Differentiate vCloud Director Features and Technologies
    • Explain multi-tenancy
    • Identify vCloud Director features
    • Explain the use of vCloud Organizations
    • Differentiate Provider and Organization Virtual Datacenters
    • Differentiate Resource Pool Allocation Models
    • Describe vCloud Director provisioning methods
  • Objective 2.3—Identify vCloud Automation Center Features and Technologies
    • Identify vCloud Automation Center features
    • Explain Policy-based provisioning
    • Identify Blueprint components
  • Objective 2.4—Identify vCenter Networking and Security Features and Technologies
    • Explain purpose of vCNS in a vCloud implementation
    • Identify vCNS components
    • Differentiate vCNS network services
  • Objective 2.5—Identify vCenter Operations Manager Features and Technologies
    • Explain the concept of a Supermetric
    • Identify vCOPS performance capabilities
    • Identify vCOPS availability capabilities
    • Differentiate management capabilities
    • Differentiate vCenter Operations Manager editions
  • Objective 2.6—Identify other vCloud Suite Technologies
    • Identify features and use cases of vFabric Hyperic
    • Identify features and use cases of vCenter Chargeback
    • Identify features and use cases of vCloud Connector
    • Identify features and use cases of vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Section 3—Correlate VMware vCloud Solutions with Specific Business Challenges

  • Objective 3.1—Apply VMware vCloud Solutions to Common Business Challenges
    • Apply VMware Cloud technologies to resolve common availability challenges
    • Apply VMware Cloud technologies to resolve common management challenges
    • Apply VMware Cloud technologies to resolve common elasticity challenges
    • Apply VMware Cloud technologies to resolve common efficiency challenges
    • Differentiate SMB and Enterprise challenges and solutions

Where to Go from Here

The VCA-Cloud certification is an entry level exam which can be utilized to springboard your career in to the cloud realm. This exam is useful if you are an experienced vSphere administrator looking to expand your career in to cloud environments. This exam will give you the confidence to pursue other VMware certifications to demonstrate your knowledge of cloud.

There are numerous resources for VMware certification on the Internet; and a good place to start is vmware.com/certification.

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