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Exam Objectives

The oral defense will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Design Judgment and Technique—Throughout the defense, show how selections were made among reasonable alternatives, as well as how the final design met requirements and constraints. Identify assumptions. If improper design decisions were made, explain why and how they could have been improved. If typical best practices were contravened, justify the decisions to do so.
  • Successful Interactive Design Exercise—Respond interactively to a presentation of requirements and constraints to show the ability to produce a design which satisfies a customer’s needs.
  • Successful Interactive Troubleshooting Exercise—Respond interactively to a presentation of a customer problem to show analytical skills and deep product knowledge, especially an understanding of how the components work and interact.

For more details, visit the VCDX website and download the VCDX-Cloud Defense Blueprint.

Where to Go from Here

In 2010, when I achieved VCDX-DCV, it felt like the culmination of an arduous quest. Little did I know that it merely marked the beginning of a broader journey towards higher understanding. The more knowledge you attain, the more you realize there is to learn. Sitting on panels, reviewing designs, working with customers reinforces that point. Technology changes so quickly, every two years there is a new set of buzzwords such as SDN or VXLAN. Being able to weather the storm requires an adaptive mental model.

Attaining the certification undoubtedly unlocks a floodgate of job opportunities. Choose opportunities wisely, factoring in where you want to be in 3-5 years and the areas that you are passionate about.

The introduction of VCDX-Cloud and VCDX-Desktop brings more opportunities to further establish your credentials. As a member of the VCDX club, I encourage you to work with other individuals to help them achieve the same. By sharing and teaching, you’ll gain even greater insight into your own thinking.

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