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Preparation hints

In preparing for the defense there are several areas to focus on. Understand the VCDX blueprint and how they apply to design, implementation, and operation. If you are weak in any areas, it is in your best interest to learn those skills. It is also important to prepare for the defense of your submitted design by reviewing it with others. Doing this in a study group or a VCDX mock defense has led to success by many candidates.

Running a VCDX mock defense is a very effective way for groups of candidates to work together, learn the skills needed, and support each other as they step through the process. The VCDX Boot Camp book includes example scenarios for both design and troubleshooting with details on the approach a VCDX would take to develop a solution. Each candidate can learn from each other especially when each has different strengths and weaknesses.

Ensure that you include all aspects of the VCDX blueprint in the design you submit. This ensures maximum scoring opportunities.

Recommended Study Resources

There are many classes in support of VMware classes. Focus on the training that is related to the VCDX track that you are testing for.

Books that cover design using the technologies for the VCDX track can be used to help make specific design decisions.

The VMware communities are a resource that many VCDX utilize as they continue to learn and work on new designs.

One of the best opportunities for preparing is to participate in one of the many VCDX boot camps that are offered by VMware. When I created the VCDX boot camp material I drew from the VCDX Tips series that I had been leading on Twitter. These are archived on Duncan Epping’s blog. The boot camp simulates a real defense minus the defense of your submitted design. It focuses on covering what you need to do for the defense, tips on design selection, and the scenarios. Once you have gone through a boot camp you can run your own mock defense with others. At that time you can add in the mock defense of your submitted design.

Where to go from here

Complete your design and include all areas of the VCDX blueprint. Review with others and ensure that every component of your design is validated. Complete the application and your design, then submit these for processing. Once accepted, schedule your defense session.

Once you have completed the VCDX of your choice, consider expanding by submitting an application and design for one of the other VCDX pathways. Completion of two or more VCDX certifications earns the distinction of a master VCDX.

Thank you for reading and may you be successful in achieving your goals.

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