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Trouble Spots

Preparation Hints

Review the Exam Objectives below and make sure that you are familiar with them. The Microsoft Lync Server 2010[md]Advanced Design and Deployment exam is designed for those who have experience in this environment. Always check the Microsoft site for the specific exam you are going to take. In this instance, the site is http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=74-322

There are many web sites and blogs that can help you to research topics, but be careful to fully research the information you read. It is not advisable to try to find sites that list questions and answers for several reasons. First, you don’t know if you will be asked a specific question and second, the answers given in a blog may be inaccurate and third, you need to understand the information to adequately prepare.

When taking the exam, read each question carefully. Microsoft is notorious for adding a lot of unneeded information in their questions. Make sure that when you click on a choice, that it is really marked. Be careful clicking anywhere on the screen. I found that by inadvertently clicking near the scroll bar on the right of the screen, I actually changed an answer. You get a single piece of paper and a marker for writing. You can use a small amount of time before you even start the exam to make notes once you enter the test area. Sometimes there is even a questionnaire at the beginning of the test that does not count against your test time. You can even use this time to write down notes, facts, tables or other information by taking your time between answers.

Recommended Study Resources

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Unleashed by Alex Lewis, Andrew Abbate and Tom Pacyk (Mar 29, 2011)

Microsoft offers official classroom training:

  • 0533A: Deploying, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (5 Days)
  • 10534A: Planning and Designing a Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Solution (5 Days)
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