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Trouble Spots

Preparation Hints

The keys to passing this exam are to be familiar with command syntaxes and to have experience with HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript development. As you prepare for this exam, keep in mind that the exam places a relatively heavy emphasis on style (as it relates to CSS3). You will be expected to know how to develop user interfaces with flexible layouts and animation.

Also, even though it is not a major exam focus, make sure that you know how to work with XML code. There are questions related to parsing XML data.

Recommended Study Resources

Microsoft offers five days of classroom training to help candidates prepare for this exam.

There aren’t many third party study resources available for this exam, but there are a number of books available on HTML 5 including:

The Definitive Guide to HTML 5

Head First HTML 5 Programming: Building Web Apps with JavaScript

HTML 5: The Missing Manual

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