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Exam Profile 77-884: Outlook 2010

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This article profiles the Microsoft Outlook 2010 (77-884), which tests your expertise with Outlook. Pearson IT Certification provides a variety of exam preparation tools to help our customers in their quest for certification. As part of our service to you, we have developed this Exam Profile series. Each profile is developed based on the testing experience of one of our trainers or authors. You won’t get exact questions or answers, but you will get a real feel for the exam. Each profile describes question forms, trouble spots, hints for exam preparation, and recommendations for additional study resources. Find out what you can expect to see on the exam and how you can better prepare for it.

Whether your goal is to demonstrate expertise with Microsoft Office 2010 or with enterprise server products, such as Exchange Server 2010, passing the Outlook 2010 exam is a must. Although there are no certifications other than the Outlook 2010 certification that require candidates to pass exam 77-884, earning an Outlook 2010 certification is key to demonstrating your expertise with Microsoft Office or Exchange Server 2010.

Exam Details

  • Number of questions: Microsoft does not disclose the actual number of questions on this exam, but those who have taken the exam report seeing 50 to 60 questions.
  • Type(s) of questions: This exam consists primarily of multiple choice questions, but it is possible that you may encounter simulation, build a tree, drag and drop, or reorder questions.
  • Passing score: Microsoft does not disclose the passing scores for their exams. The passing score for most Microsoft exams is 700/1000, but some have reported that the passing score for this exam is 849/1000.
  • Time limit: Microsoft does not disclose the exam’s time limit, but it is estimated to be 90 minutes
  • How to register: Certiport

Trouble Spots

As strange as it may seem, exam 77-884 can be especially tough for network administrators who are used to working with Exchange Server and Outlook on a daily basis. The reason for this is simple: Network administrators are used to dealing with the administrative side of things. However, exam 77-884 is a user grade exam, not an administrative exam. As such, those who are used to dealing with things like MAPI connectivity issues and Outlook related group policy settings might find themselves feeling a bit like a fish out of water.

If you have successfully passed the Exchange Server 2010 exams (70-662 and 70-663) don’t make the mistake of assuming that you will be able to breeze through the Outlook exam.

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