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Plug-in Registration

New to vSphere 5 is the concept of plug-in registration. Actually this existed in 4.x but was not exposed to the end user. When a PSA plug-in is installed, it gets registered with the PSA framework along with their dependencies, if any, similar to the output in Figure 5.27.

Figure 5.27

Figure 5.27. Listing PSA plug-in registration

This output shows the following:

  • Module Name—The name of the plug-in kernel module; this is the actual plug-in software binary as well as required libraries, if any, that get plugged into vmkernel.
  • Plugin Name—This is the name by which the plug-in is identified. This is the exact name to use when creating or modifying claim rules.
  • Plugin class—This is the name of the class to which the plug-in belongs. For example, the previous section covered the MP class of plug-ins. The next sections discuss SATP and PSP plug-ins and later chapters cover VAAI and VAAI_Filter classes.
  • Dependencies—These are the libraries and other plug-ins which the registered plug-ins require to operate.
  • Full Path—This is the full path to the files, libraries, or binaries that are specific to the registered plug-in. This is mostly blank in the default registration.
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