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Preparation Hints

The exam itself covers a variety of topics that, as a View administrator, you’re expected to know—whether your environment has that piece or not in it. All parts of View are fair game and specifically it will cover the following:

  • Section 1—Install View server components
  • Section 2—Configure the View environment
  • Section 3—Create and configure pools
  • Section 4—Implementation Troubleshooting

Each of those sections has a variety of subsections (which I won’t cover here but you can explore more in the Blueprint). Additionally, the Blueprint lists additional resources to gather information about those subsections. So this Blueprint is key. It is what we use as a guide to write questions and it is what you should use to help focus your preparation to study for the exam.

As a best practice, whenever I get asked how best to study for this exam I offer the following:

  1. Download the Exam Blueprint found at the VMware Certification website.
  2. Read through the topics and ensure you can actually describe the topic to someone else. As a rule of thumb, if you can describe a particular topic to someone who doesn’t know anything about it then you know it. If you cannot, then you need to review that.
  3. Highlight those topics you don’t know and prep some more. Preparation should include hands-on experimenting in a lab environment.
  4. Try the mock exam found on VMware’s website (same location as the Blueprint) to get a feel for the questions.

On the day of the exam, you should plan your time carefully. You can go back to any question so if you cannot answer the question in about a minute, mark it for review and continue. Come back to the question at the end of the exam. Additionally, make that you actually read the question. It may seem like an odd statement, but as someone who has seen many students misread exam questions and then provide the wrong answer, I can assure you misreading can catch you every time. Read the question once and then re-read it before even attempting to answer the question. VMware has been careful about avoiding double negatives and tricks in questions, but that doesn’t mean that your mind won’t interpret what it thinks is there and not necessarily is there.

Above all else, do not panic. Exam taking is one of my biggest phobias—and I do the beta exam, which is considerably longer and has far more questions. Before I begin the actual exam, I take some deep breaths and focus my attention to what’s going on around me. And I recognize that sometimes I can have a bad day. So even if I do not pass, I take what I learned in the exam and keep it in mind for my next attempt.

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