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The challenges presented by the Cisco Deploying ASA Firewall Solutions exam consist of exam simulations and answer deducing. Regarding exam simulations, the challenge here is time. The activities/objectives can prove time consuming. The keys to success here is hands-on experience with both CLI and ASDM related configuration. This exam does indeed expect test takers to have mastery in both the GUI and the CLI.

Answer deducing should not be new to Cisco exam takers, as it is quite common to experience questions in which you are able to eliminate some answer choices, but not all. The answer choices typically come down to two or three options. The key here is to possess the resolve to deduce the most adequate answer given specific details by reviewing the helpful resources that follow this document, in addition to any training courses.

Detailed challenges include the following:

  • Performing the basic ASA configurations in the ASDM and the CLI
  • Configuring all routing options on the ASA
  • Performing basic and advanced inspections using the ASA
  • Configuring advanced network protection capabilities
  • Ensuring high availability of Cisco ASA functionality
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