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From the author of Trouble Spots

Trouble Spots

At your first glance, it may look easy. After all, it’s just a multiple choice test and you only need to get a “low D” to pass! Well, don’t be lulled into a sense of false security; this is not an easy exam to pass! In my opinion, the main factor that makes this test difficult is the “somewhat diabolical psychology” used by the people who write the test questions. Since there are no simulations or “drag and drop” questions, the test makers have to devise another way to determine whether you really understand the key concepts and don’t just have rote knowledge of the facts.

To test your understanding, they build questions that are really “a question twisted within another question,” and they are very good at it! Because of this, your success in passing the test relies on very carefully reading what they are really asking you and then understanding the key concepts well enough to “untwist the question” in your mind and obtain the correct response. Their assumption is that if you can do this, you have a true working knowledge of VMware vSphere 5.0 key concepts.

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