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Exam Profile: VMware VCP-510

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The VCP-510 Exam is the only test that you must pass to become a VMware Certified Professional for vSphere 5.0 (VCP5). This profiles discusses how to go about pursuing this certification.
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Like this article? We recommend

The VCP510 Exam is the only test that you must pass to become a VMware Certified Professional for vSphere 5.0 (VCP5).

To obtain your certification, in addition to passing the VCP510 Exam, VMware requires that you attend a class with a VMware Certified Instructor for vSphere 5.0 (VCI5), certified courseware, and certified lab gear. You can obtain more information about this class requirement at vmware.com/certification.

Exam Details

  • Types of Questions: The exam consists completely of multiple choice questions. Some questions have only one correct answer; and are indicated as such. Other questions have more than one correct answer but the question clearly indicates how many answers are correct. There are no “choose all that apply” questions on the test. There are no simulations or “drag and drop” questions.
  • Number of Questions: There are 85 test questions and a short pre-exam survey consisting of only 8 questions.
  • Passing Score: Pass/Fail. The passing score is based on a scale from 100-500, where 300 or above is passing.
  • A candidate who fails the exam must wait 10 business days before retaking the exam.

  • Time Limit: You have 90 minutes for the exam with 15 additional minutes to complete the survey questions and agreements. Candidates who take the exam in a country in which English is not a primary language will be given another 30 minutes. For these purposes, the countries in which English is considered a primary language are Australia, Belize, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, The United Kingdom, and The United States of America.
  • Cost: $225.00 (Costs may vary due to exchange rates and local taxes (VAT, GST))
  • How to Register: http://www.vue.com/vmware
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