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Chapter Summary

The following list summarizes the key points that were discussed in this chapter:

  • Digit manipulation is an essential dial plan function. It is mandatory to provide the correct called number to the PSTN and present appropriate calling party numbers on IP phones.
  • Depending on the call flow, different methods and configuration elements can be used to manipulate calling and called party numbers.
  • CUCM provides a variety of digit manipulation configuration elements, such as transformation masks, translation patterns, incoming calling party prefixes, and so on.
  • CUCM external phone number masks can be used to display the full DID number on Cisco IP Phones. The external phone number masks also provide calling party modification for calls sent out to gateways or trunks.
  • CUCM translation patterns provide powerful functionality to manipulate dialed digits and calling party numbers for any type of call.
  • CUCM transformation masks are an integral part of digit manipulation at route patterns, translation patterns, and so on.
  • CUCM digit stripping provides an easy way to apply DDI to route patterns or translation patterns.
  • CUCM significant digits functionality allows simple called party number length normalization on incoming calls from gateways or trunks.
  • CUCM global transformations provide a flexible and scalable way to implement globalization and normalization for functions such as globalized call routing.
  • CUCM incoming number prefixes are used to modify incoming called and calling party numbers, based on their Type of Number setting.
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