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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

3.5 Mail Merge

3.5.1 Concept and Practice

  1. Choose the best definition of a mail merge.

    1. Combining your company's mailroom with email technology

    2. A process of bulk printing addressed envelopes

    3. Merging email messages into a personal database file for storage

    4. The process of merging two documents into a new document

  2. In a mail-merge operation, which of the following might represent the main document? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. A form letter

    2. A database of names and addresses

    3. A sales brochure

    4. A business letter that's going out to all of your customers

  3. The mailing list, or data source document, contains the unique information that will appear on each finished "letter" at the end of the merged process in a mail merge.

    1. True

    2. False

  4. After you have both a main document and a mailing list ready, how do you initiate the merge? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. Display the Mail Merge toolbar and click Merge.

    2. Choose Mail Merge from the Tools menu and click Merge.

    3. Right-click the main document and choose Merge.

    4. Click the Mail Merge tool on the Standard toolbar.

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