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Preparation Hints

The best way to prepare for this exam is obviously make sure you can perform the entire task list on the exam topic list. While you’re learning the specified task you will definitely learn more that will benefit you during the exam and hopefully on the job. VPIM should be studied and when you’re comfortable you should study it more. VPIM will possibly require knowledge that will be obtained from book resources.

The best ways to prepare for the Cisco Unity Connection and Presence that will more the likely be on the exam is to study the SRND on Cisco.com. These documents should provide more than enough info and links to have a firm grasp of the topics you’ll see on this exam.

Cisco Unity Connection has tons of resources for your study plans; cisco.com also has quite a few examples and detailed information that you will want to check out. The standard CUC functions you should know include user setup and problem resolution, MWI On/Off, integration with Cisco Unified Communications Mangers, and Unified Communications Manager Express. You should also plan to spend some time on interoperability with 3rd party applications.

Preparing for Unified Presence Server will be fairly simple. The first thing on your agenda will be setup and configuration. Next you will need to know what presence can offer and how to configure it. This is where knowing SIP will really payoff and help you on the exam and on the job. The Communication flow for Presence will need to be understood very well. This will include but not limited to modes, integration with Cisco and 3rd party applications. If you study those areas and have solid understanding you should be prepared for this exam.

In general, you should be aware of the basic for securing Cisco applications since the need for security seems to be growing across all platforms and technologies. You don’t have to be an expert at security; just have a good idea on how to implement basic security functions

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