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From the author of Preparation Hints

Preparation Hints

To prepare for this exam, I recommend reviewing past CCNP VOICE notes for other exams you have already taken. This should keep technology and features fresh in your mind. While you’re reviewing your notes, think of how to resolve issues that could arise. The next way to prepare for this exam is to locate and get practice with the different tools available for troubleshooting. These should include CUCM, CLI, CME, Gateway, and Protocol tools. I recommend being able to quickly locate sections where the proper tools will reside.

The CLI should be part of your preparation; there isn’t too much to CLI troubleshooting. The test taker should be comfortable resolving database issues in the CLI as well as the GUI. The ability to determine whether CLI or GUI should be used is probably vital to your exam success or failure.

The next suggestion for this exam is setting up CUCM, gateways, and phones. This will give you hands-on understanding of how things work and need to be adjusted, which will help with the exam.

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