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Moving Active Directory to a Different Drive

You can sometimes improve the performance of Active Directory (AD) by moving the database file (ntds.dit) to a different physical drive. This can also be useful if you are running out of hard drive space. You can use the following steps to move the ntds.dit database file to a different location.




Launch a command prompt. Back up system state data with the following command. This command uses the D: drive as the backup target, but you can choose a different target based on your system. wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:d: -quiet


At the command, type net stop ntds and press Enter. When prompted to stop additional services, press Y to confirm. This stops AD and related services.


Type ntdsutil and press Enter.


Type activate instance ntds and press Enter.


Type files and press Enter.


Type move db to e:\ntds and press Enter.


Type quit, and then press Enter twice to return to the command prompt.


Type net start ntds and press Enter to restart AD. After it starts, you can launch ADUC to verify that everything still works.

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