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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

3.6 Prepare Outputs

3.6.1 Preparation

  1. Word's Spelling and Grammar tools are first rate and efficient. You can depend on these built-in features to catch all of your misspelling and grammar errors.

    1. True

    2. False

  2. How do you initiate a Spelling and Grammar session? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. Right-click anywhere in the document and choose Spelling and Grammar.

    2. Choose Spelling and Grammar from the Tools menu.

    3. Choose Spelling from the Edit menu.

    4. Press F7.

  3. When the Spelling feature encounters a word it doesn't recognize, it presents you with which of the following options? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. Ignore the word.

    2. Ignore every occurrence.

    3. Add the word to the dictionary.

    4. Change the word to the highlighted suggestion.

    5. Change every occurrence to the highlighted suggestion.

  4. Not every word that Word's Spelling feature flags is actually misspelled; some flagged words are just unknown to Word. If you don't want Word to flag the word, what can you do?

    1. Nothing—just click Ignore the Word or Ignore Every Occurrence when the Spelling feature encounters the word.

    2. Click Ignore for This Document Only.

    3. Add the word to the dictionary. After doing so, Word will ignore the word.

    4. Click Ignore This Word for All Documents.

  5. How can you see how your document will appear in printed form? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. Choose Page Setup from the File menu.

    2. Click the Print Preview tool on the Standard toolbar.

    3. Choose Print Preview from the File menu.

    4. Select the content you want to preview and click the Print Preview tool on the Standard toolbar.

3.6.2 Printing

  1. Word offers which of the following printing options? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. Select from multiple printers.

    2. Change printer properties.

    3. Print all the pages in the document.

    4. Print just the current page.

    5. Print a range of pages.

    6. Specify the number of copies you want.

  2. If you click the Print tool on the Standard toolbar, what printer does Word use?

    1. The printer last used to print the document

    2. The printer you last used to print any document from Word

    3. The system's default printer

    4. The printer you specify as the default for the current document

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