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Initializing the Sensor

The setup command at the CLI walks you through initialization. You can do the following:

  • Assign a hostname to the sensor. This is case sensitive. It defaults to sensor.
  • Assign an IP address to the command and control interface. The default is
  • Assign a default gateway. The default is
  • Enable or disable the Telnet server. Telnet is disabled by default.
  • Specify the web server port. The default is 443.
  • Create network access control lists (ACL) that can access the sensor for management.
  • Configure the date and time.
  • Configure the sensor interfaces.
  • Configure virtual sensors. This enables the configuration of promiscuous and inline interface pairs.
  • Configure threat prevention. An event action override denies high-risk network traffic with a risk rating of 90 to 100. This option lets you disable this feature.

Common CLI Configuration Tasks

Here are some common commands available for use at the CLI:

  • ping
  • trace
  • banner login
  • show version
  • copy /erase source-url destination-url (The erase option erases the destination file before copying.)
  • copy current-config backup-config
  • copy /erase backup-config current-config
  • more keyword (Displays configs.)
  • show settings
  • show events
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