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Retrieving Help from wmic

You can retrieve help from wmic using multiple methods, as shown in the following table.

Help Command


C:\>wmic /?
C:\>wmic /?:full

Shows the syntax of all global switches and aliases.

switch /? /switch_name 
/? C:\>wmic /output /?

Shows information about any single global switch.

The example will show help on the output switch.

alias /?
wmic alias 
C:\>wmic computersystem /?

Shows information about aliases in general when the word alias is used. If you give the name of an actual alias, it provides information on the alias.

alias verb 
alias verb 
C:\>wmic computersystem get /?
C:\>wmic computersystem get

C:\>wmic computersystem set /?
C:\>wmic computersystem set


Shows information about one alias and verb combination. This can let you know what properties can be retrieved with the get verb and what properties can be configured with the set verb.

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