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Where to Go From Here

If you can feasibly prepare for the exam before the exam date, you should immediately register for the exam. This obligation will help you to commit to a study and training regimen.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the five domains.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Job Practice Areas, available on the ISACA website under the CISA exam section. The Job Practice is an analysis or breakdown of the five domains and how each domain “reflects the vital and evolving responsibilities of IT auditors.”
  3. As said earlier, the Job Practice Areas also shows the proportion of each domain to the exam. For example, Domain 5 (“Protection of Information Assets”) comprises 30% of the exam, while Domain 2 (“Governance and Management of IT”) covers only 14%.
  4. Finally, also in the Job Practice Areas section or the Candidate’s Guide, use the full list of statements as a structured checklist. Allocate your time accordingly.
  5. Once you feel relatively confident, you may opt to take a practice exam to discover any possible gaps left to refresh before taking the real exam.
  6. Remember during the exam to pace yourself accordingly, relying on the question/minute rate.

Good luck!

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