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Recommended Study Resources

Job experience helps, but can only get you so far. Preparation requires studying.

On the ISACA website, there are a variety of resources, such as study guides and review courses (virtual) through their “eLearning Campus.” Depending on your location, you may also find an instructor-led course available in your area. It’s a personal preference, but all these are available at a price.

There is also a “CISA Exam Preparation Community” expected to be accessible through the ISACA website. At the time of writing, the community is not yet available, citing, ”Exam preparation communities will open later this year.”

Study guides are not restricted to ISACA. Proven guides are available by online book outlets such as Amazon, and independent education providers. It is possible to get freely-available, downloadable study guides and practice exams. However, be aware that these are often provided to help generate leads for retail exams.

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