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Need to Know More?

It is a very good idea to have several books on basic networking. However, there are so many good books coming out each day it is impossible to recommend the one or two that are most relevant at any given time. A search on the Internet followed by a visit to Amazon.com has always produced results. However, you do have to be careful that the materials are consistent with Cisco or at least be aware of any differences. One of the books we like for Ethernet is Ethernet Tips and Techniques by Byron Spinney, CRM books, Fort Washington, PA. ISBN 1-878956-43-4. We are not going to recommend it here because it does not track closely with the CCNA program. Besides, Byron sees routing as a Layer 4 function. (See what I mean?)

The three books listed below track well with Cisco and the material in this chapter. They are also applicable to the entire CCNA curricula and as such are good to have.

Castelli, Matthew. Network Sales and Services Handbook. Cisco Press, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2003. ISBN 1-58705-090-0. Although this book is targeted at sales, it does a very good job of explaining technologies and Cisco products without getting into mind-boggling minutia. A good book to have!

Odom, Wendell. Cisco CCNA Exam Certification Guide. Cisco Press, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2000. ISBN 0-7357-0971-8. Cisco is almost always the best place for reference books relating to Cisco. They print incredibly detailed and comprehensive books and this one is excellent. I would not want to read it as a primary text but as a reference it cannot be beat.

Dictionary of Internetworking Terms and Acronyms. Cisco Press, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2001. ISBN 1-58720045-7. Don't leave home without it!

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