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Preparation Hints

Proper preparation yields success; that said, take the adequate time to prepare yourself. Utilize the resources listed below in addition to any formal or supplemental training offerings or solutions. Once at the exam site, prior to beginning your exam, take the time to write down any notes or details that will help you visually. You can save time by drawing out ASA diagrams or key information you recall that is pertinent as this is your last chance to do so prior to racing the clock.

A recurring theme in exam preparation is hands-on experience; there is no substitute, and this exam will challenge your experience from theory to practice. A quick tip here is to note that many people can configure equipment such as ASAs, but few actually understand the details of what they are configuring, and the affect it has on the ASA and traffic that it is processing. Take the time to review and understand such details; this is where leveraging the ASA configuration guides and command references (listed in the helpful resource listing below) are of astute help.

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