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  1. CCNA Security: The Necessary Preamble
  2. Cisco Security Specialist Certs: Devices, VPN, Firewall and IOS
  3. CCNP Security: The Next Rung Up the Ladder </h2>for Cisco Security Specialists
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CCNP Security: The Next Rung Up the Ladder for Cisco Security Specialists

Once a Cisco Security Specialist is ready to climb to the next level of Cisco security certification, he or she will learn that exams already taken to earn the Specialist credential also apply to the CCNP Security credential as well. This adds value to those Specialist certs and should also help to propel individuals who attain the former to at least consider the latter, if not actually earn that certification.

Cisco learning staffers told us that these programs have been designed to interlock well, and to make it both easy and natural for IT professionals interested in career advancement to view earning the CCNP Security certification as an obvious “next step” in their professional development, once they’ve earned one of the related Security Specialist credentials. Certainly, reducing the overall exam count required to earn that cert by one or more exams (one each for every distinct Security Specialist cert earned is a likely supposition) should add to the allure of CCNP Security certification, especially for those who earn any intermediate Security Specialist credentials.

CCIE Security: The Cisco Security Pinnacle Certification

It’s always been interesting that the CCIE is the only higher-level Cisco cert to come without pre-requisite certifications. Certainly, it will be natural and normal for most IT Professionals to take the CCNA Security->Security Specialist->CCNP Security path en route to the CCIE Security credential. But there is no hard and fast requirement that this be the case for all individuals. Nevertheless, the cachet, appeal, and paycheck that goes along with the CCIE Security cert is certainly enough to draw plenty of prospective candidates into the written and lab exams required to earn this credential, which remains among the most coveted and valuable of all IT certifications around.

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