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Memorize the Material

The next step in the process is to memorize the material. What’s nice is that I already have a bit of a head start on the memorization because by the time that I actually set out to memorize the material I will have already been exposed to it at least three times (through reading the book and creating my notes).

When I was in college, I accidentally discovered a memorization technique that works extremely well for me. At the time I had a habit of going to the gym on my way to school after I got off from work. One day I ended up having to work late and it really threw a kink into my schedule. I had a test that night that I hadn’t studied for yet. At the same time, I didn’t want to miss my workout either, but I didn’t have time to study and go to the gym.

To make a long story short, I decided to try studying while I exercised. What I discovered was that if I focused on my studies while running on a treadmill I was able to absorb the material a lot faster than I normally would have been able to. I guess that exercise must increase blood flow to the brain.

At any rate, the technique worked so well for me that I continue to use exercise as a way of accelerating my efforts any time that I have to memorize material for an exam.

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